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Injuries can occur at any time and for any reason, and will likely leave you feeling a lot of pain in your body. Depending on the type of injury you suffer, the pain can be moderate to severe in nature. At Chiropractic Injury Solutions, we specialize in delivering effective treatment to patients who have been injured. Serving the Jacksonville, FL community, we strive to help patients regain their mobility through comprehensive recovery so that they can reclaim their quality of life. Your chiropractor will treat each injury on its unique causes so that you feel better, stronger and more comfortable.

Injuries Can Cause Damage to Soft Tissues

No one wants to be injured, but the unexpected can happen at any time. Sudden movements, such as those experienced during a car accident, or strains, tears and misalignments caused by falling, playing sports or for any other reason can leave the soft tissue in your back, neck and limbs in disrepair. Often, these injuries can cause nerve damage leading to reduced mobility and sensitivity in the body. Whether you are suffering from an issue in your muscles, ligaments or spine, a chiropractor offers a natural way to combat pain for faster and more lasting relief.

What is Chiropractic Alignment?

Chiropractic treatment encompasses a broad range of treatment options delivered by a qualified doctor. Your chiropractor makes an assessment of your injury to determine the most effective treatment method for your full recovery. One of the most common methods of treatment is the chiropractic adjustment. This process uses sudden forces to realign the bones of your spine and neck back to where they are supposed to be. Once your spine is aligned, the pressure on your muscles and ligaments is vastly reduced, leading to the relief of pain that this pressure was causing.

A Chiropractic Adjustment After an Auto Injury Offers Effective Pain Relief

It is essential that you gain medical treatment immediately following a car accident. A chiropractor specializes in correcting the misalignments in the spine caused by the sudden impact, which can help you to recover faster. Often, the symptoms of damage that the accident causes do not appear for several days following the incident, but by being proactive about your health and wellbeing, you can easily prevent any chronic conditions that may arise from this damage by visiting your chiropractor.

Can a Chiropractor Help with Neck Pain?

Pain in the neck causes a variety of symptoms, one of which being severe headaches. In addition, the lack of mobility of the neck that follows an injury can reduce your ability to work and relax. A neck pain chiropractor can easily address the pain you feel, including for conditions such as whiplash. Your chiropractor treats the symptoms at the cause by using a range of methods that include adjustment, specialized exercises and massage to reduce your pain and have you feeling better again.

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Pain as the result of an accident or injury negatively affects your life in a number of ways. Whether you have suffered a personal injury or have been the victim of a car accident, seeking proper medical care from a trained chiropractor can vastly reduce your recovery time. At Chiropractic Injury Solutions, we focus on treating injured patients in the fastest timeframe. We work with insurance carriers as well as attorneys to ensure that your case or claim proceeds without delay. If you have been injured and require expert chiropractor services, call us today at (904) 300-3114.

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It is important to quickly contact us if you’ve been injured. Your injuries need to be documented immediately. Having an accident and not knowing what to do can be scary, we are here to help you and direct you to get you back on track with your normal daily life. We are available to you with any questions you may have.


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